Martes, Marso 15, 2011

I learned from my computer teacher, Mrs. Camela Amor N. Andoloy that netiquette should be followed most especially while using the internet.

without her....I wouldn't learn the netiquette.....thank you!!! ^_^

Martes, Marso 8, 2011

The golden rule of netiquette is "Remember the Human".....and remember that....

Martes, Marso 1, 2011


Hi Guys!!!
This is my blog and we're gonna talk about netiquette...

Do you know what is netiquette???Well, maybe this is the first time you've heard it so, I'll gonna tell you what is it all about...
Netiquette stands for "Internet Etiquette". It refers to the set of practices which is made for years for us to use this while using the Internet.These are good behaviors practiced while using Internet facilities such as emails, newsgroups, chat rooms or Web communities. The primary concern in making the netiquette is to help the "newbies" or the new users of the Internet that good behaviors are also observed while using the net. And most especially, people aren't organizations.

  • Be careful what you write about others. Assume that anyone about whom you are writing will read your comments or receive them in a way other than intended.
  •  Online messages can be quite informal, but try, nevertheless, to express your-self using proper spelling, capitalization, grammar, usage, and punctuation.
  •  Be truthful. Do not pretend to be someone or do something that you are not.
  • Use titles that accurately and concisely describe the contents of e-mail and other postings.
  •  Consider your audience, and use language that is appropriate. Excessive use of abbreviations or slang in a nontechnical chat room, for example, can be bad manners, and remember your peers may not understand your chat abbreviations.
  • Avoid offensive language, especially comments that might be construed as discriminatory.
These are only some examples of netiquette that we should follow...because these things are also for our own good..... ;)